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When you build your WordPress site you'll be secure in the knowledge that your platform is one of the most popular on the web for good reason.  It's open source, regularly maintained and updated, with plenty of free resources to extend functionality

​WordPress Site Developer For Small Businesses

​Here at WordPress for Technophobes, we understand that creating a WordPress site for the first time can appear daunting​.  With ​our help, you can build your WordPress site ​in a way that's smooth and stress free.  

The process of building your site has four fundamental parts

​Choose a ​ site host 

 Like any foundation, it's important to choose the right host - you want reliable, fast servers, great customer support ... and regular backups. We'll give you advice if you need it about choosing the right host.

Install WordPress 

Most hostings have a one click WordPress install, but some don't.  If your hosting package doesn't include one click install, we'll create the database and install WordPress manually, making it all ready for you to add your content and start serving your clients.

Look and feel

The basis of great look and feel to your site is to choose an adaptable theme that meets your needs.  There are many to choose from, both free and premium.  Which one you choose depends on your business model and content.  

​Interacting with users

​How do you want to serve your users?  A membership site, a shop, a course ... or some other way of interacting with the people you most want to help.

Enter WordPress plugins. These extend the functionality of your site, adding flexibility and ensuring the user experience is smooth and easy.  

​Here're some articles and motivation to help you on your way

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​Build Your WordPress Site the WordPress for Technophobes Way

We like building WordPress websites for small businesses here at WordPress for Technophobes. 

One page websites for when you just need a presence on the web - a site with all the basics: who you are, how to contact you, trades or business memberships, some nice things your clients have said about you  ... a site you don't have to faff with, that's there for your clients, that you can put on your business cards and car or van, but that doesn't really need much attention from you.

Five page, one day websites - websites that show all your talents, collect names and emails for your list, give you a place to share your thoughts with your audience and that are easy for you to maintain (although we'll do that for you if you like).  This type of website forms the foundation for a growing business, where you can plug in things like ecommerce, courses, memberships ... and anything else that will help you reach more people and serve your audience better.

Whilst a one day website only takes a day to put together, it does require a bit of organisation, focus and resource gathering from you.  You'll need a hosting company (we can advise on this), a domain name (that's what you'll call your website), content, images and one or two other things to present yourself and your services in the best way possible. 

You can contact us here, using the contact link above on the menu to talk more about your vision - we'll be glad to help you manifest it into reality.

A website isn't just a static page or pages.  As your business grows, your site needs to grow with you.  The technology also moves on so your site requires at least basic maintenance to keep it secure, working well and up to the minute in terms of design and functionality. 

We want you to love your website as much as we do - talk to us to discuss your vision and how we can work in partnership with you to bring that vision into reality.

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