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Technical SEO Audit and Schema Markup

Technical SEO Audit and Schema Markup for Your WordPress WebsiteWhat the heck is a ​Technical SEO Audit?  A technical SEO audit and Schema Markup tells search engines how your site is built.  It’s an on page method of ensuring that Google knows who you are, what your website is about, how important it is … and […]

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Business Startup From Your Dorm

​​Creating a Business Startup from Your Dorm ​[quotcoll id=36] ​Business Startups in College​Mark Zuckerberg may have managed his business startup in college, but that was a long time ago in the infancy of the internet.   ​​These days it’s not so easy … but you ​can​ do it if you’re organised, determined and focused.​​​​Your Business Startup […]

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How to Install a WordPress Theme – or Change the One You Have

How to Install a WordPress Theme – or Change the WordPress Theme You Have

Your WordPress site is all set up, you may have written a few posts, maybe “About Me” and “Contact Me” pages … but there’s still something missing. This is when you start wondering how to install a WordPress theme that’s more in line with your message.

There’s the default theme, the black on white background, the wall of text … and all the other things that seemed so exciting and new … but now just seem, well, boring.

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