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Coronavirus Lockdown – 3 Fun Activities – Learn, Watch, Try Something New

coronavirus lockdown - wall of toilet paper

Stuck indoors on coronavirus lockdown for the next 12 weeks?  Well, 11 and a half now, really. 

That's a whole lot longer than the two weeks holiday we're used to, the weather isn't great ... and frankly, after the first week when the novelty wears off - well, we'll need something distracting to prevent madness setting in. 

Over the next ... however many days it is - let's see 7 days in the week times 11 and a half is ... (gets out calculator) Yes! 80 days!  ... over the next 80 days, let's come out of this lockdown a whole lot better and more rounded than we went in.  And a great deal less bored.

Coronavirus Lockdown | Learn

Your home is full of toilet paper.  No one can use that much toilet paper in 80 days.  Or can they?

coronavirus lockdown -wall of toilet paper

Things to make with a toilet roll holder is a website for kids, really, but since you have all that loo roll and a lot of time on your hands, it's probably worth taking some inspiration from this page. 

You know you want to.

For a more grown up approach, try this Pinterest search. There's something for everyone, from how to make toilet roll roses, to a beautiful surround for your favourite mirror.

​Or, if you can't be bothered with all that glue and glitter - try learning how to use ebay (and ​use the coronavirus lockdown to set up a side business) by selling the inner tubes on ebay.  Really.  People are buying them - look here​. 

​Coronavirus Lockdown | Watch

If you have a Netflix, Prime or even a BBC subscription you'll be running out of things to watch quicker than the coronavirus lockdown will be over.  Here are a few ideas for when you need something new to watch.

coronavirus lockdown - man watching netflix

Youtube has a huge range of vintage movies that are free to watch.  Here's the search that will bring up a list - this will take you to a video all about the best ones ... and down the side is a list of some you may never heard of.  Real conversation starter. 

Coronavirus Lockdown | Try Something ​New

Why not try something new during the coronavirus lockdown?  Got to keep your mind active and curious in this "time of great sadness" as they say in Avatar.

coronavirus lockdown - indoor gardening with cactus

Here's a whole list of things to do this month if you're lucky enough to have a  garden - pick and choose from flowers and veg to plant, garden maintenance, and greenhouse tasks from Gardeners World

​That should keep you busy.

Or you could just sit, listen to the birds, watch the clouds go by ... and marvel at how the planet is showing us that a time of renewal is upon us.  Spring is here.  Except in Scotland.

This is my goal for the lockdown: daily Learn, Watch, Try Something Different articles for you and your families to come out of lockdown wondering where the time went!

Do you have some activities to add?  Let us know in the comments below.

​See you next time - and in the meantime, stay home, stay distant ... and stay safe!

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