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Why Choose ​WordPress for Technophobes?

​Great communication

​You know what you want - ​but may not be sure how to get there.  Or perhaps you've been persuaded to buy an expensive solution - but don't know how to use it.  

At Wordpress for Technophobes, we like to make life easier for you.  We find out what you want, what you want your visitors to do ... and what you want to be ​able ​ to do after we've completed our project together.​​​

​​Problem solving

​When you're a solopreneur,  a small business or a one man (or woman!) band - you may think you have to do everything yourself.  Until you get stuck.  We can solve large problems and small, can track down whatever's causing the problem ... and even supply a developer to create something new, just for you!

Fast and reliable

​You like delivery on time and on budget - so do we!  

When we say you can have your project on a particular date, you'll get it then, not a week later.

We usually deliver early ... because we want you to be happy!

What Our ​Clients Are Saying:

Understood the requirement immediately. Acted on it immediately. Resolved it extremely quickly. Highly recommend. A+++

​David Leslie​ - Trends Experts CEO​​​

​Fiona helped me when I was trying to build my own website. I'd never used Wordpress before, and was finding it a struggle. She was able to guide me through the whole process with endless patience

Clare Smith - Shiatsu Practitioner

​It was like speaking to a version of myself who knew what I needed. [Fin] took the time to understand my requirement clearly prior to accepting the job, at a very competitive cost and delivered well before time!! Highly recommended!!

JTek Infra CEO​​​

Great communication and always on time!

Doesn't disappoint! Always a pleasure to work with!

​Bree Bonchay - Psychotherapist


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