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Mental Health – 4 Great Tips to Stay Sane During Lockdown

Mental health can be a challenge when faced with 4 - 12 weeks of self isolation and lockdown.  For the introverts among us, ​the following article is full of stuff we do already - avoid crowds, keep in touch by phone, work from home etc.

However, for the more extroverted, lockdown is a time of stress, loneliness - and the kids driving you mad!

It can be surprising how fragile mental health can be when put under pressure, particularly if you're having financial difficulties, lost your job ... or in the process of discovering your partnership isn't as satisfying as you thought it was.

Here are some resources to help you weather this storm until things get back to normal.  Hopefully, you'll come out of this time stronger, more resilient and with a greater appreciation of your support network than ever. 

Everything has changed.  What used to be normal now isn't ... and a great many of us are still in denial from the shock, asserting to anyone who will listen that a great deal of unnecessary fuss is being made about this "flu".   

Denial is the first stage of the grieving process.  Normal life has died for the moment and, yes, it's hard to accept. 

Give yourself a break.  All the things you use to distract yourself from being alone are no longer allowed - meeting up for coffee with friends, shopping (the shops have all closed), partying and generally interacting with other people are now forbidden - and even if you're in denial, your friends aren't.  They refuse to ignore the restrictions with you.

It's up to you now to accept the position and care for your own mental health they way you would for a much loved child.

How You Can Meet Up With Friends During Lockdown

For those of us who are computer illiterate and proud of it, now is the time to learn how to use your PC, laptop or mobile device to gather with your friends in the "virtual world". 

​There are many ways of doing this - did you know Facebook has a video call option?
mental health during lockdown - audio and video call options in facebook messenger

As you can see from the image, the little video camera in the top right of the Facebook Messenger screen is the option to click to share a video call with your friends, family or workmates.  No excuses - they don't look great on camera either ... it's a talking point.  You can do live video call makeovers!

Alternatives to Facebook Video Calls

Alternatives, when you want a whole group to do a video gathering are Zoom, Skype and Google hangouts.  Look them up on google - you'll learn something cool and have that new skill for the rest of your life.  You can put it on your resume from then on: "I organized a meeting of 30 people on zoom, recorded it and uploaded it as a members only video on YouTube."  Impressive.

​4 Basics to Support Your Mental Health


​Stop frightening yourself and your friends

.  Quit sharing scary coronavirus stories on social media.  If you even thought about it for a minute or two, you would know that these stories are rubbish.  I know it's hard to think clearly under these circumstances - feeling frightened all the time interferes with clear and logical thinking - but make it a safety rule to keep your mouse off the share button.  Protect your friends.


​Quit sharing stupid coronavirus cures

The only thing that will get us through this is to follow your national or state guidance from authorised medical sources.  Drinking bleach won't save you, but will put extra pressure on health care workers. 

I see the old story about intravenous Vitamin C has been taken out and dusted off for coronavirus. Nope.

Anything that involves obscure herbs from Tibet or the Amazon ... probably not.  And the people trying to sell you those things are trying to make a quick profit from your fear.  It's snake oil - don't fall for it!


​Find something fun to do to take your mind off it all.  


​For those who need a bit more help than I can give, here's a (non exclusive) list of resources

​Look for similar resources in your country or state and list them in the comments below.

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