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Stay at Home Lockdown is Driving Normally Sane People Crazy

I'll say it again: this stay at home lockdown is driving normally sane people crazy. 

From the woman driving aimlessly around Bournemouth for hours to the family and friends group who thought social distancing only applied to people inside rather than outside at a barbecue, people who would normally be answering brainteasers on  Facebook - and getting them right! - are now demanding exact instructions on what social distancing means, how many times they have to wash their hands and whether or not hand sanitizer has to be used afterwards. Or before.

How long will lockdown last?

What about making sure their elderly relatives are ok - are they allowed to visit.

What exactly does exercise mean?  How long, how far, doing what?

Do the rules really apply to me?  I mean, I have a life, so this will interfere with it. 

How long will it last?

Where can I find a loophole that I can squeeze through?

The truth is that social distancing is to protect you, your family and your neighbours.  Recent research from Iceland ​suggests that around 40% of people who test positive for coronavirus don't even notice - they have no symptoms.  None.

So even if you have no symptoms, that doesn't mean  you're well ... it just means you may be infectious without knowing about it.  And that means you could spread the virus to someone who will die of it, even if you have no symptoms.

Lockdown Means Stay At Home

Stay at home.  No non essential driving - even around Bournemouth! I know it's tempting to drive around just to get out of the house ... but the truth is, you're not thinking straight right now, so stay home.

If you absolutely must drive, then dig out your old Wii and get out a driving game.  That should distract you ... at least for a while.

Everywhere is closed.

There's nowhere to go.

Driving around in search of somewhere open is aimless and therefore non essential.

Social Distancing Means No Queuing

We will have to learn to stand in line the way the Americans do.  The distance between you and anyone you aren't cohabiting with should be at least 6 feet or 2 metres. 

Increasing numbers of supermarkets are instituting social distancing rules for their customers.  They have lines on the floor the right distance apart in order to let everyone know how to keep a social distance from the next person in the queue.  That's good.  They're protecting you. 

Lockdown Will Be With Us For Quite a While

Lockdown and social distancing will be with us for quite some time.  Governments are reviewing the strict instructions every couple of weeks ... but the truth is it may be with us for anything up to six months - or even longer. 

So we all need to find a way to reduce stress, calm ourselves and bring a little peace into the madness.

Did you know that one of the most calming things you can do for yourself is just to keep breathing?  I know, right?  Slow, steady, deep breathing can completely calm your body and mind ... and give your body a break from all those stress hormones rushing round your system. 

And if you think the whole breathing thing is a bit "woo, woo" - here's a link to the NHS page that tells you how to do it in a medically approved way.  [ ]

Later in this series there will be some "woo, woo" options for  you to try, but, for now, breathing is something anyone can do and can make a big difference to the way you experience your days.

See you next time!

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