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What the heck is a ​Technical SEO Audit? 

A technical SEO audit and Schema Markup tells search engines how your site is built.  It's an on page method of ensuring that Google knows who you are, what your website is about, how important it is ... and that it's all tidy and navigable.

It all sounds very complicated.

When Is Technical SEO Appropriate?

​Once you've created your website, you're excited ... and you then start telling everyone about it both online and offline - your relatives, your friends and, if you already have them, your clients.

Mostly what you're saying is: here's my website.  You may well be telling everyone: mine's the best ... or mine's better than all the others.  Maybe it is.

But what you really want to be saying is: this is the website you're looking for.

You need to be talk to your ideal customers and tell them that they will get the information that they need on your website. 

Audit?  Isn't that something the tax man does?

A technical SEO audit has nothing to do with tax.  I know the word audit has a tendency to raise hackles and make people want to run away, but it has nothing to do with tax and you needn't be afraid of it. 

Technical SEO Audit schema markup

​What you're looking for is what the lady on the right in the image is saying: here are the services that you need to make your life better

What does a technical SEO audit ​involve?

There's a lot to it - a lot of technical stuff that's involved and all of this is probably something that you never even thought of.

You may even be getting messages from Google search console saying things that you don't understand.

  • ​Robots.txt
  • ​Broken links
  • ​Images
  • ​Missing tags
  • ​Duplicate content
  • ​Load speed
  • ​Sitemaps
  • ​Security
  • ​Meta descriptions
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Open graph tags
  • ​Site crawl 

How does a technical SEO audit and Schema markup benefit you?


Better SEO for your site

Gives you an advantage - an edge over your competitors

Most people don't know about technical SEO and Schema markup

Technical SEO gives you an SEO edge and when you have an SEO edge you have increased organic reach and better search result position

Obviously, I can't guarantee your site  is going to be the top of the search results, but it'll definitely move up, particularly if you know what keywords you're particularly aiming at

Can you do technical SEO and Schema markup yourself?

Of course. 

But you might find it a little overwhelming.

Alternatively, you can hire me to do it for you.

My prices are accessible, I'm fast, experienced and I know what I'm doing.

Click the link ​ to order your Technical SEO Audit and Schema Markup now.

​What kind of SEO have you done on your site?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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